Metrici pricing

ENTERPRISE 75% Saving!

£249.50 / month

  • 10,000 MUs Allowance*
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advert free***
  • Unlimited Subdomains

BUSINESS      68% Saving!

£49.50 / month

  • 2,000 MUs Allowance*
  • 50 Users**
  • Advert free***
  • 3 Subdomains

STARTER           Low cost!

£10 / month

  • 250 MUs Allowance*
  • 10 Users**
  • Advert free***
  • 1 Subdomain

FREE           Most popular!


  • 250 MUs Allowance*
  • 5 Users**
  • Advert supported
  • -

Important notes

All prices are per calendar month, in UK pounds, and exclude VAT.

Prices exclude subscriptions to additional paid-for products.

Use subdomains to provide different web addresses, home pages and themes for customers and user groups.

* Usage of Metrici is measured in Metrici Units (MUs). Each Metrici node and each megabyte of uploaded files is equivalent to one MU.

** Limits apply to named users only, temporary users are unlimited.

*** If you install an Advert supported product in an Advert free account adverts may still appear.

The savings comparisons quoted here are against our Pay As You Go prices. Currently these are:

  • £0.05 per month per MU
  • £1.00 per month per named user
  • £5.00 per month for Advert free
  • £5.00 per month for each Sub domain

Please contact Metrici if you want to subscribe to Pay As You Go.


All customers receive our standard support as part of their license payments. In addition, Metrici provide the “Metrici Assist” programme.

Metrici Assist is an all-you-can-eat support programme which lets you focus on doing your job and leaves all the management of your Metrici service to us.

Metrici Assist includes all the help you need during configuration, data maintenance, user setup, application upgrade, as well as priority service for your queries, bug fixes and support.

We offer Metrici Assist at a fixed, all-you-can eat price, so that there is no disincentive for you to use the service and every incentive for us to provide a problem-free service to you.

Compare Metrici Assist with our standard support:



Metrici Assist

Problems and bug fixes

  • Best efforts only
  • No recovery time objective.
  • Priority service
  • 24 hour recovery time objective

Data management (e.g. archiving)

  • Help guide
  • Best effort response to specific queries
  •  All done for you

Software and application upgrades

  • Help guide
  • Release Instructions
  •  All done for you

Application development

  • Not included
  • Small works (up to 1 hour duration) included
  • Fixed price proposals for larger pieces

Customer assistance

  • Email only

Office hours

  • Email
  • Phone / Call Back
  • Instant Messaging

Out of hours

  • Email support

Metrici offer Metrici Assist at £250 + VAT per month.

Fixed price

Our standard pricing suits most cases.

Metrici are happy to quote a fixed price or a “per run” price for solution development and licensing based on a specification of your requirements and planned levels of usage.

Please contact us for details.

Private cloud

As well as our public cloud offering, we are happy to provide Metrici as a private cloud service. Please contact us for details.

Developer licenses

Metrici are happy to provide additional free licenses and support for developers creating solutions for resale. Please contact us for details.