Metrici documentation

Getting started

Metrici Portal introduction

A technical introduction to the the Metrici Portal and how to carry out basic operations within it.

Product documentation

Relay Work Smart
User documentation for the Relay Work Smart service, including general usage documentation on the portal and on the Relay product (opens in a new window).

Metrici Value For Money (VFM)

The Metrici value for money (VFM) method, which provides a rigorous, time-compressed analysis method suitable for defining requirements for Metrici development.

Data Dictionary

User guide to Data Dictionary, which can be used to document IT systems and interfaces. 

Schema Designer

User guide to Schema Designer, which is used to define data to be stored in Metrici Data Hub and other systems.

Meld user guide

Meld is a portal module that creates outputs, such as user guides and videos, from inputs such as screen shots and narration text.

Technical reference

Metrici development guide

Detailed reference for the development of solutions using the Metrici platform.


Metrici's service API, which allows any Metrici functionality to be called from Metrici scripts or through Metrici's web service interface.

Relay technical reference

Technical reference guide to Relay, which adds work planning and execution functionality to the Metrici portal.

Insight technical reference

Technical reference guide to Insight, which provides permanent storage and search for Metrici portal events, documents and data.

Metrici Data Hub
Technical reference guide to the Metrici Data Hub (opens in a new window).


Metrici Portal process automation installation, usage and administration guide

How to install, use and administer Metrici Portal process automation solutions. This has largely been replaced by the Relay guides.

Metrici Portal process automation development guide

Describes how to develop process automation solutions using the Metrici Portal. This has now been replaced by Relay and its customisation methods.

Getting started videos

Overviews of the core concepts of Metrici.