Metrici Advisor

Metrici Advisor Key Benefits

  • Structure and focus for information gathering.
  • Ensures data capture is rigorous and efficient.
  • Automates analysis and reporting.
  • Provides good quality advice to support management decision making.
  • Aids prioritisation.
  • Simple, form-based interface.
  • Comprehensive permissions keeps your data secure, but lets you share your work with your colleagues.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy to implement - no software to install, works on any browser.

How does Metrici Advisor help?

You need really good information to make the best management decisions, to understand risk, and to make the case for investment.

It can take a lot of time - and cost a lot of money - to get the information that you need. It is hard to know what questions to ask, and harder still to turn the answers into clear management decisions.

Metrici Advisor is a web-based service that makes it easy to gather the information you need, and to turn that information into actionable advice.

Using Metrici Advisor, experts have created advisory services that guide the information collection and analysis process. These work just like real consultants. They engage you in challenging questions, give you new insights, provide detailed, expert advice, set priorities, and help you define business cases. You can customise these services to the precise needs of your organisation, or build your own solutions.

You can access Metrici Advisor from any browser, without installing any new software.

How Metrici Advisor works

Metrici Advisor's unique design lets it do the job of multiple tools. It brings together web content, database management, form handling, surveys, email, data analysis, expert systems, charting, and action tracking, all into a single platform. It can support every part of the advisory process, including introductory content, data gathering, analysis, recommendations, and follow-up.

Because of its unique design, Metrici Advisor can gather and analyse any type of data - employee surveys, training assessments, product configuration for your customers, or detailed consultancy to help you run your business more effectively.

For solution builders, Metrici Advisor provides all the functionality needed to create compelling solutions, including support for rich media, comprehensive protection and licensing of content, and control over account management and branding.