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Metrici is a complete web-based plaform for building and running applications.

Metrici applications are defined completely in data. This data-driven approach means that applications are very quick to develop and very easy to change. We estimate that applications can be built 5-10x faster in Metrici than in conventional tools.

The Metrici platform provides everything you need to build fully-featured applications. This includes comprehensive user and permission management, theming, search, file handling, email integration, and many more. It is integrated with a host of leading browser-based technologies including jQuery, data tables, text editors and graphing. Metrici has deep support for web services, making it easy to integrate Metrici solutions with other systems. See Metrici features for a complete list.

Metrici can be used to build nearly any type of web or mobile web application. It is particularly appropriate for applications with complex data, user and permission requirements. Existing applications include content management, publishing, surveys, online databases, advisory systems, collaboration tools, secure messaging, master data management and secure data exchange. Metrici applications are currently used by thousands of people throughout the world.

Because applications can be built and changed easily, quickly and cheaply, Metrici is a good choice for short-term solutions, to support new business ventures, or where business case and requirements are not yet fully known.

Metrici is available through a low-cost, monthly subscription. Metrici provides custom development services and premium support packages. Metrici offers free accounts for evaluation purposes, for application developers, and for personal, non-commercial use.