What's so special about Metrici?

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There are a lots of great technologies out there. What’s different about Metrici that makes it so special? Here are our top 10 reasons.

Reason 1: You only need a browser

You only need a browser to develop, install, operate or use any Metrici solution.

Reason 2: Everything is data

All Metrici applications are just data. That makes it really quick to build applications and really easy to change them.

Reason 3: Unified model for all development

Because everything in Metrici is data, every part of building an application is the same. You don’t need different tools for screens, databases, coding, testing, packaging and systems administration. It’s all done in the same way in the same tool.

Reason 4: Automated user interface

In a conventional system, you spend a lot of time building a user interface, defining a database, and then developing code to connect the two. That’s all automated in Metrici. Once you have setup your data, you already have a secure, modern, mobile-friendly, multi-user application. And Metrici gives you all the tools to refine the user interface where you need.

Reason 5: Built-in security

Metrici has really tight security controls. All data is by default private to the person who created it, and you can create permissions to share data as much as you need to, but no more.

Reason 6: Rich integration with browser technology

Metrici comes pre-integrated with a host of modern browser components, such as editors, tables and charts, and is fully themable. The browser functionality is fully integrated with the data-driven model, allowing you to include advanced features in your application just through data setup.

Reason 7: Great web service integration

Metrici was designed with integration in mind. Anything you can do in Metrici can be done through a secure web service interface. Metrici’s web service and scripting support make it really easy to build applications that pass data and process calls to and from your other systems.

Reason 8: Awesome reuse

All tools encourage reuse, but Metrici’s unified, data-driven approach makes it really easy. You can reuse, combine and extend any of the thousands of components that are already in Metrici, and bring together different applications into a single, seamless solution.

Reason 9: Easy to package and share applications

Metrici lets you package your application into a product which you can share with or sell to others. The account administration features lets you install and manage applications that other people have provided.

Reason 10: Get started straight away

All you need to get started is a web browser. Metrici provides free licenses for evaluation, application development and personal, non-commercial use. You don’t need a credit card, and all we need is an email address so you can operate the sytem. You can start right now.