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About MetriciMetrici is a complete web-based plaform for building and running applications.GuideAndrew Clifford2018-11-22T16:32:25.098
Getting started with MetriciYou can get started with Metrici right now by signing up for a free account.GuideAndrew Clifford2018-11-22T16:35:36.361
About the forumThe Metrici Forum provides support for users of Metrici and developers of ...GuideAndrew Clifford2018-11-22T16:38:34.323
Run your own ForumThe Metrici Forum has been made available for installation in other ...AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2019-03-06T16:46:27.280
Metrici Value For Money (VFM) method templateThe Metrici Value For Money (VFM) method template has been released ...AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2019-03-06T16:16:20.063
Metrici 4.1.5Metrici 4.1.5 is live.AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2019-02-05T17:41:01.412
New documentation on product structure and packaging standardsA new section has been added to the development guide that covers standards ...AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2019-02-05T10:33:01.654
Library added for regression test supportA new library, library.test, has been added to the standard libraries. This ...AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2018-12-21T14:37:38.273
Metrici 4.1.4Metrici 4.1.4 is live. This introduces a new Poller component ...AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2018-12-21T12:41:26.149
Forum enhancementsWhat improvements and fixes should we make to the forum?GeneralAndrew Clifford2018-12-10T17:56:53.063
Applications from scratch part 1 - Node types and fieldsThis is the first in a series of articles showing you how to create a ...TutorialAndrew Clifford2018-12-10T17:43:06.341
Using node type inheritance for custom file validationInheritance lets you add additional functionality to existing ...BlogAndrew Clifford2018-12-05T18:23:08.858
Metrici 4.1.3Metrici 4.1.3 has gone live today. This release adds the ability to check ...AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2018-12-05T17:44:54.875
ISO 27001 - Asset Inventory Solution Design DiscussionThe 2013 version of the ISO 27001 standard introduced a distinct change to ...GeneralPeter Field2018-11-29T15:16:24.332
What's so special about Metrici?There are a lots of great technologies out there. What’s different ...BlogAndrew Clifford2018-11-28T09:01:33.565
Welcome to the Metrici Forum!The Metrici forum has been launched today.AnnouncementAndrew Clifford2018-11-22T15:37:38.895