Write File


Write data out to a user file.


<password>password</password> <data/> <base64>false|true</base64> <fileExtension/> <nodeVersionReference/> <nodeVersionReferenceType/> <nodeName/> <nodeDescription/>

The service writes the data to the user file area, and stores information about it in the user file identified by nodeVersionReference. If the node does not exist, it will be created using nodeVersionReferenceType, which defaults to system.FILE_TYPE. Node version reference can use a .$auto local reference. It sets the name and description of the file node if these parameters are passed.

If the base64 parameter is set to true, data is interpreted as binary data encoded using base64.

File extension, name and description are optional

When overwriting an existing file, file extension, name and description will only be used if they are passed. You can delete the members by passing an empty element. (This allows you to delete a file extension by passing <fileExtension/>.)


<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <nodeVersionReference/>


101 - Not authorised

102 - Not found

103 - Parameter error