Resize User File Image


Resizes an image held in a user file.


The image will be resized to fit within width x height. quality is optional and applies only to jpg images.

Format is optional, and allows specification of the output format/extension, e.g. to resize a large png to small jpg. Supported formats are png, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, bmp and gif; png and jpg are recommended.

<password>password</password> <nodeVersionReferenceInput/> <nodeVersionReferenceOutput/> <nodeVersionReferenceOutputType/> <nodeNameOutput/> <nodeDescriptionOutput/> <width/> <height/> <format/> <quality/>

If nodeVersionReferenceOutput is given, the resized file is written to that node. If the node does not exist, then it will be created, using nodeVersionReferenceOutputType is give or system.FILE_TYPE is not. If the file already exists its type is not checked or changed to match nodeVersionReferenceOutputType.

If nodeVersionReferenceOutput is not passed, the the system.FILE_STORAGE_KEY and system.FILE_SIZE members in the input file node are updated.

nodeNameOutput and nodeDescriptionOutput are optional. If given, they will set the name and description of the output file.


<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <nodeVersionReferenceOutput/>

If there are errors, the service may return a message from a called service.


101 - Not authorised

102 - Not found

100 - Not an image file, or not a file node at all