Read Excel


Read an Excel file and return the contents using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

This supports .xlxs files, as produced by Excel 2007 onwards.


<nodeVersionReference/> <returnStyle/> </ReadExcel>

nodeVersionReference identifies a user file that contains an Excel file.

If returnStyle is true, styles on the Excel file are returned.


<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <data/>

The contents of the Excel file are returned using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The format of the JSON is as described for the Write Excel service. Formulae are evaluated and the results of the formulae returned as cell values.

If readStyle is false (the default), the style, width and hidden properties are not returned.

The style properties are an approximation of some of the main aspects of Excel styling. Because of the internal complexities of Excel, the service makes no guarantees that it can interpret Excel styles, other than those directly written by the Write Excel service. However, the returned styles should provide a reasonable approximation, either for recreating the original Excel file or for rendering the data in HTML.


101 - Not authorised

102 - Not found

103 - Parameter error