Query Session


Determine if a session token is still valid.

This does not sign in with the session token. Single use session tokens are not consumed by using this.




  • The sessionValid indicator is set to true if the session exists, and is active, and has not timed out.
  • If the session is valid, the sessionUsed indicator indicates whether the session has yet been used. If the session is not valid, sessionUsed is set to false even if the session has been used (so as not to give away unnecessary information).
  • sessionUnused indicates whether the session token can be used for a fresh sign in. It is true if sessionValid is true and sessionUsed is false. If the session is not valid, then sessionUnused and sessionUsed are both false.

Which indicator to use depends on what you are trying to do. If you have a session token which is used with a known session token (for example, for a web service call), use sessionValid to check that the session is still valid. If you have a session token that will be assigned a client session token on sign in (a single use session token), then use sessionUnused to check that the session token is available for creating a new session.


103 - Parameter error (if a session token is not passed)




To be added in version 4.02.