List Users


Return all the user groups and all the users to which the current user is authorised to grant, or, on the case of users, authorised to include in user groups.

For user groups, it returns all the user groups over which the user has any of the following authorities:

  • administer-usergroup
  • own-users
  • grant-to-usergroup

For users, it returns all the members of the above groups, plus the user themself.

If the user has maintain-users authority, then they are authorised to grant to all users and user groups. In this case, the mayGrantToAllIndicator value is set to true, but user group lists and user lists are not returned.

User groups and users are returned in ascending name sequence.

Related services:

  • Get Authorised User Groups returns user groups that the current user can administer, or the users of which they can administer.
  • User Search searches for users that this user is authorised to maintain, by name or logon reference.




<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <mayGrantToAllIndicator>true|false</mayGrantToAllIndicator> <UserGroupList> <UserGroup> <userGroupIdentifier/> <userGroupReference/> <userGroupName/> </UserGroup> </UserGroupList> <UserList> <User> <userIdentifier/> <userLogonReference/> <userName/> <userEnabledIndicator/> </User> </UserList>

If mayGrantToAllIndicator is true, then the user group and user lists are omitted.

The Anonymous user is always returned, at the start of the user list.


101 - Not authorised