List Node Versions


Lists all the versions of a node.


<password>password</password> <nodeIdentifier/> <nodeReference/>

User credentials are optional. If user credentials are not passed, the node will be returned according to the authorities granted to public.

The node is identified by numeric identifier or reference. If both are given, the numeric identifier takes precedence.

The user must be authorised to read the node. If not, error 101 is returned.



The service returns all versions of the node, with suitable identifying and audit fields.

The node name at the high level is the node name of the latest version that the user can see.

Version repeats.

The service always returns the draft version if present (which has a node version number greater than the node frozen version number). Use the mayUseDraft indicator to determine whether this version should be offered to the user.


101 - Not authorised, e.g. can not read node