Get User Group


Return details of a user group and its members.
The user must be authorised to grant to the user group to read details about it.


<userGroupIdentifier>id</userGroupIdentifier> <userGroupReference>ref</userGroupReference>

The user group can be specified by either identifier or reference. If both are passed, and id is not zero, reference takes precedence.


<userGroupReference/> <userGroupName/>
<userGroupDescription/> <normalIndicator/> <owningIndicator/>
<User> repeats
<userName/> <userEmailAddress/>

Users are returned in ascending name sequence.

normalIndicator indicates whether the user has administer-usergroup permission.

owningIndicator indicates whether the user has administer-owning-usergroup permission. If owningIndicator is true, normalIndicator will also be true.

For owning user groups only, the mayXXX methods indicate permissions that have been granted to the user group.

  • mayCreateUserGroup -> create-usergroup
  • mayCreateOwningUserGroup -> create-owning-usergroup
  • mayMaintainProfile -> maintain-profile

The name and email address of the main user is returned for proxy users.


101 - Not authorised
102 - not found
103 - parameter error