Get User Details


Retrieve information about a different user. The user making the call is identified as usual using the userLogonReference. The user about which details are to be returned is specified in userLogonReferenceDetails.

The user running the service must be able to grant to the user, e.g. they must be the user, or have maintain-users permission, or own-users permission.

This is similar to GetUser, but GetUser is used for sign on processing and only returns details of the user running the service. GetUserDetails is used as part of the user maintenance functions.

Note. This service could be expanded, e.g. to show properties, permitted licenses, permissions, etc.


<password>password</password> <userIdentifierDetails>id</userIdentifierDetails> <userLogonReferenceDetails>userref</userLogonReferenceDetails>

The user for which details are to be returned is specified using either userIdentifierDetails or userLogonReferenceDetails. If both are given, userIdentifierDetails takes precedence.


<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <userIdentifier>id</userIdentifier> <userLogonReference>userreference</userLogonReference> <userName>The User Name</userName> <userEnabledIndicator>true|false</userEnabledIndicator> <userEmailAddress>email address</userEmailAddress>
<userCapabilities>token1 token2 etc</userCapabilities>
<acceptThirdPartyMarketingIndicator>true|false</acceptThirdPartyMarketingIndicator> <forcePasswordChangeIndicator>true|false</forcePasswordChangeIndicator> <nodeVersionReferenceUser/> <PropertyList> <Property> (repeats) <name/> <value/> </Property> </PropertyList> <UserGroupList> <UserGroup> (repeats) <userGroupIdentifier/> <userGroupReference/> <userGroupName/> <userGroupAuthority>administer|none</userGroupAuthority> </UserGroup> </UserGroupList>

userLogonReference is the logon reference of the user whose details are being returned.

userCapabilities is a list of capabilities that the user has. See GetUser service for details.

nodeVersionReferenceUser returns the reference of the node version which mirrors this user's setup.

The UserGroupList returns the list of groups of which the user is a member. userGroupAuthority indicates the calling user's authority over the user group, which can help decide whether to allow navigation to the user group. The group with a userGroupReference the same as the userLogonReference is the user's individual user group.


101 - Not authorised

102 - Not found

105 - user error. Used when the user specified by userLogonReferenceDetails can not be found (dubious).