Get Themes


List the themes available to a user.

This can be called by the user themselves, in which case it lists their current theme (if any) plus all the themes that they are authorised to use.

Alternatively, it can be called by another user (the "caller") who specifies the user (the "theme user") whose themes are to be got in the userLogonReferenceTheme parameter. In this case, the service lists:

  • The theme user's current theme.
  • All the themes that the theme user is authorised to use.
  • All the themes that the caller is authorised to use.

What this means is that a user with maintain-user permission can allow other users to use any themes that they can use.

Note: In production Metrici this has been replaced with a script which returns a list of built-in themes that anyone can use. It ignores input parameters and produces the same outputs for every user


<password>password</password> <userLogonReferenceTheme>theme userid</userLogonReferenceTheme>

userIdentifierTheme can be used in place of userLogonReferenceTheme.


<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <ThemeList> <themeReference/> <themeName/> </ThemeList>

The themes are returned in ascending order of theme name.


101 - Not authorised