Get Authorised User Groups


Return a list of user groups that this user is authorised to administer, or over which they have own-users authority.

The user groups are returned in ascending name sequence.

Generally the user is not authorised to administer their individual user group, and so this is not generally returned.


<password>password</password> <permissionTypeReference>administer-usergroup|own-users</permissionTypeReference>

permissionTypeReference specifies the type of authorisation for which user groups should be returned. It can be one of:

  • aminister-usergroup - return all the user groups that this user can administer, i.e. over which they have administer-usergroup or administer-owning-usergroup.
  • own-users - return all the user groups that this user has own-user authority over

The default is administer-usergroup.


<UserGroup> repeats


101 - Not authorised (only if user logon reference and password do not match).
103 - Parameter error (permissionTypeReference invalid).