Create User Group


Create a user group.

The user must be authorised to to create user groups.


<userGroupDescription/> <owningIndicator>true|false</owningIndicator> <mayCreateUserGroup>true|false</mayCreateUserGroup> <mayCreateOwningUserGroup>true|false</mayCreateOwningUserGroup> <mayMaintainProfile>true|false</mayMaintainProfile>

userGroupName is mandatory.

userGroupReference is optional. If it is passed, it must be unique and must not contain spaces. If not, error 105 is returned, with error message and error fields.

If userGroupReference is not passed, a suitable one will be created.

owningIndicator specifies whether the user group will be used as an owning user group. If set to true, then the user is granted Grant Own Users on the user group, which they can then use to grant themselves or others any user group permission (other than administer) including own users. (They can also grant administer perimissions, because they have administer permissions.)

The user must have Create Owning User Group permission to set owningIndicator to true. owningIndicator defaults to false.

If owningIndicator is false, the user is granted administer-usergroup over the new user group.

If owningIndicator is true, the user is granted administer-owning-usergroup and own-users over the new user group.

If an owning user group is being created, the mayXXX parameters specify whether users created in the new user group should be given the following global permissions:

  • mayCreateUserGroup -> create-usergroup
  • mayCreateOwningUserGroup -> create-owning-usergroup
  • mayMaintainProfile -> maintain-profile



The reference and identifier of the newly created group are returned.


101 - Not authorised
105 - user error