Change Node Reference


Change the reference of a node.

This can be used to change the local reference of a node, move the node to a new package, or both.


<password>password</password> <nodeVersionIdentifier/> <nodeVersionReference/> <nodeReferenceNew/> <nodeReferencePackageNew/> <nodeLocalReferenceNew/> </ChangeNodeReference>

The node the reference of which is to be changed is identified using nodeVersionIdentifier or nodeVersionReference; if both are given identifier takes precedence.

The new reference to use is identified using either nodeReferenceNew or a combination of nodeReferencePackageNew and nodeLocalReferenceNew. If nodeReferencePackageNew is passed, nodeLocalReferenceNew defaults to $auto. If both nodeReferenceNew and nodeReferencePackageNew are passed, nodeReferenceNew takes precedence and nodeLocalReferenceNew is ignored.


<errorNumber>0</errorNumber> <nodeVersionIdentifier/> <nodeVersionReference/>

The service returns the identifier and new reference of the node.


101 - Not authorised to administer the node.

102 - Not found

103 - Parameter error

105 - New node reference is not valid or you are not authorised to use it.

Permission errors in accessing the node are considered authorisation errors, but attempts to move the node into a package that the user is not authorised to use are considered user errors.