Change Node Owner


Change the owner associated with a node.

The owner is the user on who's behalf derivation scripts run, and which will be used when the runAsOwner option is used within a script.

The owner defaults to the person who initially created the node, or most recently changed the type of the node. It may be useful to change the node owner, for example to a user with more restricted permissions.

The caller must be or own the new owner. If not, error 105 is returned. (In most accounts, only the administrator can change ownership to a different user, though any user with node admin authority can take ownership.)


<password>password</password> <nodeVersionIdentifier/> <nodeVersionReference/> <userIdentifierOwnerNew/> <userLogonReferenceOwnerNew/>

The node is identified by node version identifier or reference. If both are passed, the identifier is used.

The new owner is identifier by user identifier owner new or user logon reference owner new. If both are passed, the identifier is used. If neither are passed, or an id of 0 is passed, or a zero-length reference is passed, the owner is deleted.



Description about the output


101 - not authorised, including not authorised to administer node

102 - node not found

103 - parameter error

105 - user error, including not authorised to set the owner.