Theme checklist

Use this checklist if you are distributing a theme widely or using it in a controlled production environment.

1. Package the theme as a theme file. Set the Theme tag on the theme.
2. Make sure your theme includes Default Theme ( and Default Brand (, or includes a theme that does.
3. Make sure that your theme includes Metrici CSS (${rootPath}resources/library.theme.metrici/metrici.css), or includes a theme that does, or has equivalent markup to manage header sizes.
4. Minify all significant CSS and JavaScript. See  for an online minifier.
5. Convert tiny CSS and JavaScript files to inline content, i.e. put the <style> or <script> with source directly into the <content> element. This prevents an additional trip to the server.
6. If you want everyone to be able to use your theme, give the Anonymous user "Page administer" permission over your theme. Don't worry, they won't actually be able to administer your theme, but this gives them all the permissions they need.
7. Once you have tested your theme, freeze it.