Sharing themes

Once you have created your theme, you can share it with other people.

Because themes are nodes, sharing them is similar to sharing any other nodes. You can:

  • Use permissions to share your theme with other people in your account.
  • Package your theme as part of a product.
  • Publish your theme to the Anonymous user, allowing anyone to use it.

If you have created a theme using the Theme type (library.theme.ThemeType), you only need to grant permissions on the theme itself, and on any theme components that it includes. You do not need to grant permissions on the individual resources.

As well as making your theme available, you must make all the files that it refers to available. This is much easier if you package your theme as a theme file, because then you have a single node on which to grant permissions which contains all the files that your theme needs.

If you want to set the account theme, remember that you will need to make the theme and all the files on which it depends available.

Users of your theme only need read authority ("Page read all members" and "Page use draft"). They do not need link authority. However, in most cases, themes need not be secured. The easiest way to make a theme available to everyone is to grant "Page administer" to "Anonymous". This doesn't actually give everyone administer permissions, but provides all the permissions they need to use the theme.