A 5-minute theme

If you don't want to use the Theme builder components, for example because your theme has complex dependencies, you can use a set of lower-level components that give you more control. Although they are lower-level components, you can still use them to create themes quickly, and you can follow these steps to create your own theme in 5 minutes.

1. Create a theme

Create a theme using Theme (library.theme.ThemeType).

Give it a name and a description. 

2. Base it on another theme.

In the Include section, select Metrici. This will base your new theme on the existing Metrici theme.

3. Set the application name

In the Theme properties section, selection Application Name and enter a different application. Let's use SOMECOMPANY. Click on Apply. 

4. Apply new styling Also in the Theme properties section, select Custom CSS, and then enter:

body {
  color: fuchsia;

Click on Save.

5. Install your new theme

Click on Install. It will warn you that

WARNING The theme you selected is not a built-in theme

This is to remind you that this isn't one of the built in themes, and that you need to be sure you want to install it.

Click on Install to try out the theme. You will notice that the site is now branded in the top left as SOMECOMPANY and all the text is a pinky-purply colour.

Click on the Reset button to reset your theme.