User nodes

Metrici automatically maintains a node for each user in the package system.USERS. This provides a read-only view of the user's user logon reference and email address, and links to the user's account and theme.

The local reference for the user node is the user logon reference converted as follows:

  • Converted to lower case
  • All characters except a-z and 0-9 removed
  • All leading numbers removed
  • Truncated to 50 characters or fewer

Two fields on the user node can be set, to override those set on the account or domain.

  • The user can set a home node in member type Home Node (system.HOME_NODE).
  • The user can set Theme properties in member type Properties (system.NODE_PROPERTIES). These will override the properties set in the theme itself.
  • In addition to theme properties, the user (or more likely a script) can set the Start node property to provide a node to which the user should be directed immediately after signing on. This can contain either a node reference, or a node URL with a query string. Using a start node that runs a script can force the user to set up preferences and, if the script removes the start node property, is only shown the first time the user is signed on.

The user node can be accessed and linked to by anyone authorised to grant to the user (this generally includes the user and their colleagues).

User nodes can be used to link to users, and are used internally to determine the correct account and theme for a user.