System nodes

This provides an overview of the system nodes that are most relevant for development, that have not been covered in Standard metadata.


System system The base system node. Used as a package for all system nodes, and also as a type.
Null system.NULL Null node, has no members, can also be used to create nodes with no members.
System Properties Package system.PROPERTIES Contains Display properties and properties for Themes.

Node Types

The system package contains node types used to define the other nodes in the system package, and to define data that the system itself interprets. In many cases there are alternative types in the standard library which extend the capabilities of those in the system package, which should be used in most cases.

Type system.TYPE_TYPE Type for types. Solutions should use Type (library.core.TypeType) for greater functionality.
Member Type Class system.MEMBER_TYPE_CLASS Type for member types. Solutions should use Member Type (library.core.MemberTypeType) for greater functionality.
Constant system.CONSTANT_TYPE Type for constants. Solutions should use Constant (library.core.ConstantType) for greater functionality.
Package Listing system.PACKAGE_LISTING Lists the nodes contained within it. Solutions should use Package (library.core.PackageType) for greater functionality.
Public Script system.PUBLIC_SCRIPT_TYPE Type for standalone sripts. Solutions should use Script (library.core.ScriptType) for greater functionality.
Node List system.NODE_LIST_TYPE Type for simple lists of nodes.
Tag system.TAG_TYPE Type for tags.
Manifest system.MANIFEST_TYPE Type for Manifests.
File system.FILE_TYPE Type for files. Solutions should use File (library.file.UserFileType) for greater functionality.
Account system.ACCOUNT_TYPE Defines a very basic account, and a reference to the member types that all accounts must have. User accounts use the more advanced Account (library.account.AccountType).
Node Properties system.NODE_PROPERTIES_TYPE Type for lists of properties.
Theme system.THEME_TYPE Type for manually-defined Themes. Most solutions should represent themes as uploaded zip files, but this type can be useful for defining lists of properties for a theme.

Member Types

Most of the member types are listed in Standard metadata. The following member types are sometimes useful in solutions.

Name system.NODE_NAME_MANDATORY A mandatory version of Name. It derives system.NODE_NAME from the entered value.
Script system.NODE_SCRIPT Holds a script.
Bindings system.BINDINGS Binds references to nodes. Used in scripting.
Node List system.NODE_LIST A list of nodes.
Manifest Items system.MANIFEST_ITEMS A list of items in a manifest. See Manifests.
Properties system.NODE_PROPERTIES A list of properties.


True system.TRUE Linking to this denotes true. Not linking to this denotes false.


A number of system-defined tags can be set on other nodes.

Tag system.TAG_TAG Tags a node as as tag.
Allow Stale Read system.ALLOW_STALE_READ_TAG Allows stale versions of a node to be returned, i.e. the node is not always updated before being shown.
Ignore Target Change system.IGNORE_TARGET_CHANGE_TAG On a member type, indicates that nodes that link to target nodes with the member type should not be set out of date when the targets change. 
Protected system.PROTECTED_TAG Sets protection on a node or a member type.
Owner Only system.OWNER_ONLY_TAG Indicates that only the node owner can edit members of this member type. See Ownership.
Deprecated system.DEPRECATED_TAG Indicates that a node is deprecated, i.e. it is no longer required and has been superceded.
Do Not Index system.DO_NOT_INDEX_TAG Indicates that a node should not be indexed for search.
Delete Warning Low system.DELETE_WARNING_LOW_TAG Set on the node type, produce few delete warning.
Delete Warning Medium system.DELETE_WARNING_MEDIUM_TAG Set on the node type, produce a medium level of delete warnings.
Delete Warning High system.DELETE_WARNING_HIGH_TAG Set on the node type, produce a high level of delete warnings. This is the default.
Delete Warning Paranoid system.DELETE_WARNING_PARANOID_TAG Set on the node type, produce a very high level of delete warnings.