Standard libraries

The standard libraries are held in package Library (library). They define metadata used by the Metrici platform itself (in addition to the system metadata) and metadata for building solutions.

Some of the libraries are intended for internal use only rather than general use.

NameReferenceGeneral useDescription
Account library.account  

Defines types used for accounts. For internal use only.

This also contains now-deprecated types for defining products. New products should be defined using the Product Library.

Advisor library.advisor Support assessments that include rule-based advice. Will be replaced with product libraries.
Aggregator library.aggregator Supports the creation of pages which aggregate summaries from other pages.
Assessment library.assessment Support complex assessments. Will be replaced with product libraries.
Core library.core Core metadata. This provides replacements for the metadata within the system package. All solutions should use this in preference to using system metadata directly.
Domain library.domain   Used internally by the system to support domains.
File library.file Supports files. 
Import library.import Supports importing data from files or pasted in data. 
Maturity library.maturity Supports for maturity model assessments, which are characterised by having a fixed number of similar grades for each question. Will be replaced with product libraries. 
Navigation library.navigation Supports navigation, such as menus and tree panels. 
Parts Provides assorted components for building solutions.
Parts library.permission Supports permission management, particularly role-based and profile-based permissions.
Product library.product Supports packaging of products.
Question library.question Supports the definitions of questions. 
Result set library.resultset Supports structures that summarise results. All functionality is being transferred to the table library.
Style Supports creation of CSS using the LESS language. 
Survey library.survey Support for simple surveys. Will be replaced with product libraries. 
Table library.table Support tabular data, as a display format, as a way of summarising results, and as an intermediate format for charts.
Tag library.tags Defines tags used by the standard libraries commonly used by solutions. 
Theme library.theme   Defines the built-in themes. 
User data library.userdata Supports userdata, which is a feature to store and retrieve user-specific values per node. Analogous to HTTP cookies.