Connection requests overview

The connection request mechanism is fairly straightforward.

  • The owner process (i.e. the one that wants to connect) uses the Request connection step type to request a connection. This passes information about who the connection should be to (typically an email address), and information required to call back to the process when the connection is made.
  • The connection request is passed to a Connection request manager. This stores the connection request and then emails the intended partner (the person the owner wants to connect to).
  • The partner clicks a link in the email which uses the standard start functionality which signs in or signs up the partner and then runs the Connection request account action.
  • The account action installs any required products such as the process client.
  • The account action determines whether there is an existing connection between the partner and the owner. If so, it returns details of that connection to the connection request, which in turn calls the owner process with the connection details.
  • If there is no existing connection, the partner creates their end of the connection and sends this back to the connection request. The connection request completes the owner end of the connection, and then calls back to the owner process.