Connection request account action

An account action is an activity that takes place within an account, either straight away if the user is signed in, or when they sign in or sign up to a new account.

The connection request account action proceeds without confirmation (since confirmation has been given by clicking on the link in the email). It performs the following steps:

  • It installs required products, such as the process client, and possibly add-on products such as Relay.
  • It calls the connection request to find out about the owner, particularly to find the public key used for their connections.
  • Using the public key, it searches for an existing connection to the partner, and if found, returns the public key of the connection to the partner so that they can identify it in their list of connections.
  • If not found, it sets up its end of a new connection, using the autoconnect option, and call the connection request again to return details of the connection to the partner.

The returned existing or new connection details are then processed by the connection request, and the accept callback of each worker on the pending list invoked.

The calls to the connection request are simple script executes. The connection requests have anonymous execute permission, and are secured by a UUID which is passed in the link to the invitee.

The connection request account action uses the standard Account Action node type, and inherits from the Connection Request Account Action Prototype. It is configured with a product binding which identifies the product to be installed, and optionally can specify an account template (or use the default).