Parts library

Parts contains assorted components for building solutions.

The most commonly used are described below.

Dynamic Bindings A list of dynamic bindings.
CSV Writer Script

Script for creating well-formed CSV. It can run in two modes:

  • header mode - create CSV with headers from JavaScript objects
  • headerless mode - create CSV from arrays that represent rows of values
Delayed Recalculation Automatically recalculates nodes using the delayed derivation component.

Create a page using the Form script.

Form Script

Form Script creates script-based forms.

Node Export Script

Runs a JSON-based node export and formats the output is the same format used by the Node Import Script.

Node Import Script

Provides a JSON-based interface to the NodeImport service.

Root path

The address of the server.

This is auto set using a cunning combination of derived type init trigger (to delete initial value) and type extension script (to set the value if it is not set).

Stale Folder Listing

This provides a simple folder listing which lists its contents but does not update its contents when visited.


A simple text page, with code-like text.

URL Shortener

Defines a URL shortener for Metrici URLs. It is particularly useful for creating more readable QR codes.