File node types

User files

File (library.file.UserFileType) is a general-purpose type for holding uploaded files. It allows the file represented by the node to be re-uploaded.

Content files

Content File (library.file.ContentFileType) can be used to create content files. The content of the file and the extension are entered as node members.

Derived content files

Derived File (library.file.DerivedFileType) can be used to create content files that are calculated using scripts defined on the file node.

Derived File supports inheritance, though you will need to manually set the tab number to 0.

Derived content files define the script within the file node themselves. This would not be appropriate for many solutions, which need to control the script more carefully. However, it is relatively easy to create a node type which derives content files:

File with derivatives / derivative file

File With Derivatives (library.file.FileWithDerivativesType) is a specialised node type for creating user files, with additional support for managing images. It automatically creates a set of derivative files (of type Derivative File (library.file.DerivativeFileType)) according to a specification held in the File options (library.file.FileOptions) member. If the file is re-uploaded, the derivative files are updated accordingly.

File With Derivatives is used by member types created with Upload Member Type (library.file.UploadMemberTypeType) and Gallery Member Type (library.file.GalleryMemberTypeType). These member types and thefile options are documented in File member type types.

Nodes of type File With Derivatives record the derivative files within the Derivative files (library.file.DerivativeFiles) members. This is a bindings-like member type which can be used to retrieve a particular derivative, such as an image preview.