Link target specification

For fields with targets, the Target tab lets you specify which targets the user can select.

The Target List lets you specify the targets in a fiexible way:

  • You can specify a specific list of items that the field can target.
  • You can specify folders to search.
  • You can specify that the links must be read from another list of links, such as as an index built from a folder.

The syntax for the target list is covered in the Standard metadata topic.

Other targets indicates whether targets that are not in the target list are allowed. The default is to allow any target if no target list is specified, or to disallow other targets if there is a target list. You can also choose to:

  • Allow only targets that are in the list.
  • Allow any targets.
  • Allow any targets, but don't show the user an option to enter them. This is useful if you have used a folder search for the targets, as it prevents validation errors if targets are moved between folders while still enforcing that users pick items from the folder.