Advanced field types

A number of more specialised field types are available for advanced use.

Field Without Options

A field, with no display options.

This is useful when fine control is required over the display properties, or for integrating with other components.

Style Field

A field for setting page style.

Enter CSS on the style tab.

Use the visibility options to control whether the style is shown on the browse page, the edit page, or both.

When using this field on a type with multiple tabs, use a Tab/sequence value of /* to apply the style to every tab.

Derivation Field

A field that performs calculations, but is not shown.

Display Script Field

A display field that shows the output of a script.

Upload Field

A field for uploading files to be attached to another field, known as the attachment field.

Upload fields only perform the upload, and it is the responsibility of the attachment field to then manage the uploaded files.

For a simple file list attachment, inherit from Attachment Prototype.