Database library

The Database library provides support for node structures that are similar to conventional table-based databases, termed "local databases". The data in a local database is accessible through a scripting API and through RESTful web services. Use local databases for applications which need to share data between different UI components and/or with other systems. Local databases are particularly useful for holding shared data in distributed processes.

Although local databases are structured like conventional databases, they are implemented as nodes. The database itself is represented by a node. The database node acts as a folder and contains a node for each table. Each table node contains multiple row nodes.

Like any other nodes, data in the database can be viewed and updated within the user interface, which provides a built-in mechanism for data maintenance which removes the need to create additional programs for data admin and fixes.

Because the databases are implemented as nodes, they have similar performance characteristics as any other nodes. This means that they are suitable to hold data for user-facing systems, but may be less suitable in other cases, such as querying and bulk processing.