An InfoBoard is an extension to an aggregator page or package that allows users to reorder the items on the page, and to perform the following actions on them:

  • Open
  • Edit. This provides an edit of the node in a popup.
  • Copy. This is a simplified copy that creates a copy of the node using the aggregator as a folder. It supports deep copy.
  • Change style. This offers a set of styles based on those defined in the layout.
  • Remove. Individual nodes can be removed from the aggregator and/or deleted.

These options are available to users with edit authority by clicking on an "unlock" button in the bottom right of the board. Any changes made to the board are saved for all users.

You can create an InfoBoard in much the same way as any other aggregator, with a couple of changes to the layout:

  • Add the class "infoboard" to the top level structure of the layout.
  • Add the class "infoboard-section" to the element immediately surrounding every section on the layout (even hidden ones).

You can lock sections or individual panels on the InfoBoard by adding the class "nosort" to the section element, or the top-level element of the style to lock individual panels.

The InfoBoard adds an additional element to each panel element to act as a move handle and menu area. Sometimes the content is held within the top level. For example, the top level could have column specifications and contain a panel within it. In this case, set the class "infoboard-attach-handle" to the element to which you want the move handle and menu area attached.