Aggregator library

An aggregator is a node that displays content from other nodes, typically a node summary.

There are two main node types:

  • Aggregator Page (library.aggregator.AggregatorPageType) which displays content from a list of nodes.
  • Aggregator Package (library.aggregator.AggregatorPackageType) which display content from a list of nodes merged with content from the nodes within the aggregator package.

    Aggregator packages also contain a New button to create new contents. The New button can be controlled with the same node options as used by the Package Display (library.core.PackageDisplay) member type: the new dialog can be switched off by setting packageDisplayNewMore to false, and the new menu can be switched off entirely by setting setting packageDisplayNewMenu to false.

By default, the aggregator types display the content as two columns, each node's content displayed in a default panel. The following can be customised:

  • The layout of the page.
  • Which nodes appear in which parts of the page.
  • How the summary is calculated.
  • The styling of the panels.

The aggregator pages work similarly to the Package (library.core.PackageType) node type. The edit view of the nodes is similar, and where appropriate the package node options are used.

The InfoBoard is an extension to the aggregator that allows the user to re-order and manage the content on the aggregator page.