Other components

A number of other components can be used in analysis and reporting.

Static tables

Some solutions may require reference data to be used for reporting, for example to define a set of descriptions for node states.

Static tables can simply be created using the Table node type. This requires that you enter the table using JSON. See Table structure for a description of the structure.

Script tables

As well as the filter, merge and aggregator components, you can use scripts to create new tables. Script Table creates a table based on a script, and the related Script Table Type creates a node type for processing tables using a pre-set script.

Dynamic tables

The table manipulation and reporting components load tables from a combination of node (the source node) and member type (which defaults to Table data). The member type can be a "dynamic table", which calculates the table from the source node using a script. Dynamic tables allow you to create table outputs based on any node, not just ones that already contain a table or a list of nodes to be input to the table builder. Dynamic table scripts can load other dynamic tables. In this way, complex table processing can be carried out without ever writing out the intermediate steps as node data. See dynamic tables for more details.

Reports as tables

When using tables to create reports, and particularly when using the Conger reporting framework, it can be useful to write the entire body of a report into a table so that it can then be processed using table processing. Write the report using a dynamic table or script table, putting the entire report inside a table with a single text column and a single row, using a structure like this:

    "options": {
        "format": "none"
    "columns": [
            "reference": "content",
            "name": "Content"
    "rows": [
            "content": ".. report content goes here .."