Standard step types

The step types below can be used to build collaborative manual processes. They are listed in Standard Worker Step Types, which means that they can be used in processes sent to other parties.

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Make a call through a channel, make a call to another action in this worker, or a call to an action on this worker's group.


Delete the worker.


Download a file. Optionally confirm that you have downloaded it.


Show a form to the user, either updateable or read-only.


Show the config property "url" in an iframe. Runtime placeholders are supported. ${rootPath} will be added if necessary.


Create a notification, which is typically used to send an email.

This provides a simplification of the full notification functionality, suitable for use with workers.


Publish data to a subscribing channel, the identity of which is not known to the publisher.

This is deprecated - use the publish feature built into Set.


Create or cancel a schedule.


Send worker data, event, and/or file through a channel.


Set worker fields such as status and/or create an event and/or set a file and/or set data, optionally interacting with the user to do so, and optionally choosing an outcome.


Set the step outcome state to allow switching to different actions dependent on previously-set status or data.

By default, all of these step types reject remote calls (i.e. calls from a channel partner). Remote calls can be enabled where appropriate by setting the "remote" config property to true.