What is collaboration?

Collaboration is the name we use when two or more parties (people or organisations) work together.

In a traditional IT system, collaboration is achieved by all of the parties signing in to the same application and updating shared information. This is difficult to do well. There are challenges around data ownership, securing the system, and account and user management. Using a single application means that the overall collaboration follows a "hub and spoke" pattern, in which one organisation owns the collaboration capability and other organisations can only collaborate with that central organisation.

The collaboration approach supported by the Metrici components is different. Instead of having a central application in a single account to which all parties must have access, it is built around shipping requests between parties in different accounts, and accompanying those requests with sufficient process information to allow the parties to respond in a meaningful manner. This separation clarifies data ownership, and makes security, account management and user management easier. It also allow for parties to collaborate more freely, without all collaborations having to be owned by one central organisation.