Assessments are typically carried out within an assessment project. You need to consider how this is run, how respondents are included, when results are produced, and so on. Use the questions and answers below to help define the assessment project processes.

Do you know who will complete the assessments?
  • No, all respondents are anonymous.
  • Respondents are initially anonymous but can volunteer their contact details during the assessment.
  • Respondents are initially anonymous but must give their details before filling in the assessment.
  • We know, or will know, who will complete the assessments.
How many assessments does each respondent complete?
  • A single assessment.
  • A set of related assessments.
  • Multiple assessments of different types.
Does the respondent return to the assessment?
  • No
  • Yes, for the duration of the assessment project.
  • Yes, and they can look at results or repeat assessments after this assessment project is finished.
What happens when the respondent completes an assessment?
  • Nothing - they can complete as little or as much as they like whenever they like.
  • They submit the assessment to indicate they have finished it.
  • They are shown results of the assessment but can not amend the assessment.
  • They are shown results of the assessment and can amend the answers.
Should the respondent have to complete the assessment?
  • No, they can complete as much or as little as they feel able.
  • They have to complete a set amount before they can submit the assessment or see results.
When are results that summarise multiple assessments required?
  • Summary results are not required.
  • Summary results are only needed at the end of the project.
  • Summary results are needed at the end of the project, but it would be useful to see results as assessments come in, too.
  • Summary results must be recalculated so that each assessment can be seen in the context of all assessments.
How many assessments will be completed over what time period?
  • A few a day.
  • Up to fifty a day.
  • Hundreds or more a day.
Who will run the assessment?
  • Only the assessment creator will run the assessment.
  • The assessment will be published so that other people in the organisation can run it.
  • The assessment will be published so that other organisations can use it.
Will the assessment be repeated?
  • There is no requirement to repeat the assessment.
  • The assessment may be updated at a later stage, but the assessment will not be rerun from scratch.
  • The assessment will be repeated periodically.
  • The assessment has no end date, and will be continously available for people to use.
If the assessment will be run by others or repeated, do the questions need to change?
  • No, there is a standard set of questions which are not changed from one assessment to the next.
  • Some people may want to tailor the questions for their organisation.
  • We may want to change the questions when we repeat the assessment.
  • The questions are always customised for each assessment exercise.
Who will administer the assessment?
  • Nobody, this is a fully-automated self-service assessment.
  • The assessment will be automated as fully as possible, but administrative assistance will be available where required.
  • The assessment is part of a broader initiative or service, and would benefit from having someone to guide the respondents through the process.