Evaluands and respondents

Having decided the purpose of the assessment, the next step is to decide precisely what is going to be assessed by whom.

The evaluand is the thing being assessed. It could be "The Organisation", "Customer Service", "Project Phoenix", "42 Acacia Avenue", "Today's Weather", and so on.

Each person who completes the assessment is known as a respondent, or a contributor.

You need to think about:

  • Is there one evaluand (such as the organisation) or many (such as the projects run by the organisation)?
  • If there are many evaluands, are they all of the same type (for example, they are all projects), or many types (projects, staff, teams and computer systems).
  • Is there a single assessment of each evaluand, or do multiple people each give their opinions of the evaluand?
  • Is the entire assessment of each evaluand carried out by a single person, or do different people contribute to different aspects of the assessment?
  • Is the assessment carried out by people who are responsible for the evaluand (a self-assessment), by others (an independent assessment), or both (a self assessment that is then independently assessed).

Assessments can be repeated. Initially think about the evaluands and respondents for each run of the assessment; the Process section covers repeat assessments.