XPath Evaluator

This provides an XPath-based interface to the service request message.

When the script is called from the RunScript service, the request is available in attribute "request", i.e. application.get("request") returns an XPathEvaluator of the request.

XPathEvaluator = get(path) Returns another XPathEvaluator which represents the first node obtained from the given path.
XPathEvaluator[] = list(path) Return an array of XPathEvaluators which represent all the nodes obtained from the given path.
int = getInt(path)
String = getString(path)
double = getNumber(path)
Gets a value from a path.
String = toString() Return the XPathEvaluator as a string.

Complex XPath expressions can be slow because they read the whole message. Internally, the XPathEvaluator optimises simple expressions: single element names, the name() function, * and . (dot). Limiting XPath expressions to only these can significantly speed up processing.