Service Credentials

Service Credential objects hold user credentials for the service (such as user logon reference and password). In most cases this can be ignored. The user credentials for the original service request are not available to the script. This is only required when a script needs to run as a newly-created users, the credentials of which are only know to the script.

ServiceCredentials = new com.metrici.xerula.ServiceCredentials()

ServiceCredentials = new com.metrici.xerula.ServiceCredentials(serviceCredentials)

Default constructor and copy constructor.
setXXX(value) Set parts of the user credentials, where XXX is any of:
  • UserLogonReference
  • Password
  • SessionToken
  • ClientSessionToken
  • UserLogonReferenceEffective
  • Credentials (copies from another ServiceCredentials)
value = getXXX() Get parts of the user credentials, XXX as above.
resetCredentials() Reset all the credentials

You should set either user logon reference and password or set session token. Setting user logon reference and session token will not work.

When you are using a session token, client session token is optional for the credentials. It is used to identify the caller in a service call. If you don't set it, the credentials will only be valid for a single use. (If not passed, a random client session token is generated internally when a service is called, and the one generated for the second call will not match the one generated for the first call).