Product development permissions

The product permissions folder, at account.development.product.settings.development_permissions, contains nodes that control who can work on the development of the product.

See Development permissions for an example.

Permissions need to be granted over both the product definition folder and the product development folder. These don't have a fixed structure, so a Permission Manifest Manager is used to manage an appropriate permission setup. The sample shows a typical setup, but it may need to be varied for some projects. To recreate this setup:

The permission manifest manager will match the tags on the two folders to the rule, create a manifest for each that lists every node in the folder, then grant administrative permissions on these nodes to the developers user group. This means that all developers can administer any nodes. The manifest manager will automatically update the lists as the structure changes.

If there are parts of the structure that don't propagate changes (such as test data), you may need to use the Refresh manifests button on the manifest manager to force it to pick up changes.