Product development folder

The product development folder contains additional nodes required to develop the product, such as tests. The folder uses the Workbench to navigate both the definition folder and the development folder.

The sections below describe parts of the development folder in more detail:

Gadgets development provides an example of a product development folder.

The structure of the product development folder is summarised in the table below. Product is the name of the product and product is a short reference for the product.

Reference Name Type Description
account.development.product Product Development Workbench Product development folder. The workbench should include the development folder and the definition folder in the Project folders list. Work Package General work area for the product.
account.development.product.sample Sample product-specific A working copy of the product, used to try things out during development.
account.development.product.settings Settings Stale Folder Listing Settings for developing the product, particularly permissions.
account.development.product.settings.development_permissions Development permissions Stale Folder Listing Folder that defines development permissions.
account.development.product.test Test Package Holds regression tests for product scripts.