Product public permissions

The public folder and documentation folder need to be made available to users who are not signed in and to users who have not yet installed the product. This is achieved by granting anonymous read access to these folders. The documentation folder may contain a nested structure of pages, so you need to use the Permission Manifest Manager component that can search through the documentation folder and provide appropriate permissions at each level.

See Public permissions in the sample product for an example of a public permission setup.

To set up public permissions, do the following:

  • Add the Public Package tag to the main documentation page. This indicates that public permissions are required on this page and on all the pages inside it.
  • Add the Public Contents tag to the public folder. This indicates that public permissions are required on all the items in the folder.
  • Create a node of type Permission Manifest Manager with reference account.products.product.settings.public_permissions. Call it "Public permissions". Use Inherit From to inherit from Anonymous Permission Manifest Manager Prototype. This defines rules for providing tag-based anonymous access.
  • Use the Add manifest button on the public permissions page to create two manifests. In one, set the Permission manifest root to account.products.product.public, and the other to account.products.product.documentation.

Your public folder and documentation will now be accessible to anyone.