Product builder and installer

The product installer, at account.products.product.install, contains the information and permissions required to install the product.

The product installer is generated by a product builder, at account.products.product.settings.product_builder. This should typically contain the following fields. See Gadgets in the sample product for an example of a product builder.

Name Name for the product, i.e. Product.

Descriptioin of the product. This is the description seen by the user before installation, and should be sufficiently detailed for the user to understand what they are installing.

And images used in the description should be held in the product public folder.

Icon Link to account.products.product.public.icon.
Product Key

Set this to something secret if you want to secure your product. Use a 20-byte uppercase hexadecimal string (i.e. 10 bytes as hexadecimal), separated into groups of 4, e.g. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Product Dependencies If your product requires other products to be installed first, link to the product installers of the other products here.
Package List

Link to product library, any additional product library folders, the product public folder, and, if used, the product theme folder.

(You need to include the public folder, even though all users have read access, because product users may need link access to the items in the folder.)

Product theme list If you have a product theme, link to account.products.product.theme.product_theme
Draft permission Check this box when you first develop your product, to aid testing. When your product is stable and live, you should uncheck this box so that users of the product have no access to draft definitions.
Template Package Link to account.products.product.templates.install.
Local Reference Set to your product reference, i.e. product.
Inherit Subscription Manifests This is used to grant users of the product other than the install user permission to use the product, and should identify a manifest node within account.products.product.templates.install. Often this will be account.products.product.templates.install.advanced_settings.library_permission_manifest.
Initial instance Set this if you want an instance of your product created when the product is installed (you usually do).
Generate Product  
Product Set to account.products.product.install

To generate the install from the product builder, go to the Generate Product tab in browse mode and use the Generate Product button to generate an install