Product definition folder

The product definition folder contains all the information required to run the product. If you need to copy the product to run on another instance of Metrici, you would only need to copy the product definition folder.

The sections below describe the parts of the definition folder in more detail.

See Gadgets for an example of a product definition folder.

The structure of the product definition folder is summarised in the table below. Product is the name of the product and product is a short reference for the product.

Reference Name Type Description
account.products.product Product Package The product definition folder.
account.products.product.library Library Package Metadata/code that defines the solution, including node types, fields, etc.
account.products.product.public Public Package Contains resources, such as icons and files, that must be available to all users of the product and may be required anonymously.
account.products.product.public.icon icon.png File The icon for the product, as a 64x64 png.
account.products.product.install Product Product Installer for the product. 
account.products.product.settings Settings  Stale Folder Listing Settings required for the creation of the product. Stale Folder Listing is a simple folder type that does not get recalculated when the contents change.
account.products.product.settings.product_builder Product Product Builder The product builder that defines the product. 
account.products.product.settings.public_permissions Public permissions Permission Manifest Manager Manages public access to the public and documentation folder.
account.products.product.templates Templates Package Holds templates for folder structures, including the main install structure plus sub-structures included using the Package Instantiator.
account.products.product.templates.install Product product-specific The main install structure 
account.products.product.documentation Product Page User documentation for the product. 
account.products.product.theme Theme Package If a product theme is required, a folder that contains the theme definition and the files (CSS, and JS) required to implement the theme.
account.products.product.theme.product_theme Product Theme Theme Assembler If a product theme is required, the product theme.