Account authority setup for invitations

The invitation mechanism relies on specific configuration within the account authority account.

Invitations folder

The account authority account must provide an invitations folder. Only the account authority requires permission on this. The folder must be available from account nodes using the binding reference "invitation".

Accept invitation account action

The account authority must provide an account action to accept the invitation. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Create an account_actions folder within the account authority.
  • As admin, grant Folder read all members and Folder use draft permissions on this to public.
  • Create within this a node an instance of Accept Invitation Account Action.
  • Make the inherited copy of the accept invitation node available using the binding reference "accountActionAcceptInvitation".

Account template

The account authority must define a template to be used for creating new accounts.

This template must be readable by public.

It can be defined either by setting it on the accept invitation account action, or using the binding defaultAccountTemplate.