Subscription and installation

A subscription represents an authority to use a product within an account. It is represented by a subscription node that lives inside the account node. It contains:

  • A link to the product.
  • A set of resource allowances, read from the deal (possibly modified by the subscription manager, see below).
  • A status for the subscription. This is generally active.
  • An indication if the subscription is locked. True means that the user cannot unsubscribe. For example, they cannot unsubscribe to the product that installs the top-level folder for the account.
  • A list of instances of the product.
  • Deals to offer the user.
  • A subscription manifest, i.e. the offer manifest from the product.

The product installer (typically the account holder) is granted permission to grant use of the subscription, i.e. to grant use of the product. The primary user group is granted permission to use the product.