Account template

Accounts are created using an account template. This node defines information to show the user for account sign up, the type for the account package, and product list.

Executions of the account template are used to get details of the account template and to create an account.

Accounts are created under the ownership of an account authority. If they are to be offered to the public, they must be made publically readable and linkable (i.e. admin must grant these permissions).

The account template specifies:

Account creation is carried out by the Create Account Script. In overview, this performs the following:

  • Create a high-level package for the account.
  • Create a node to represent the account, of type Account, in the accounts package.
  • Create an account properties node inside the account node, and link the account to it. The account holder is granted update authority on this to set account-level properties such as the footer.
  • If specified, create a delegate account and link the account to it.
  • Create the primary user group, with reference account-users.
  • Create the primary user, with reference account.
  • Set user permissions, including permissions on the high level package.
  • Install initial products. A product may replace the high-level package if it has the product descriptor accountPackage property set to true.