An account represents an an agreement to use Metrici, such as an organization. An account can have many users.

Each account is represented by a node. Each user node has a link to the account for that user.

The account node holds account-level information, such as the account theme and a link to the account properties node (which is a separate node for permission reasons). It also holds the reference of the primary user group in the account.

The owner of the account node, i.e. the user authority under which the account was created, is known as the account authority. Every user in the account can automatically grant read-like permissions to their account authority, and the permission to grant these permissions on. In this way, the account authority can be used as a go-between to share permissions across accounts in a controlled way.

Product installation and management is achieved through execution of the account. The primary account user has execute authority (and can grant it on), and executions can elevate their permissions to that of the account authority. This method must be used for product installs, for example to look at product details, because the installing user has no authority on the install node before they have installed it.